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Many businesses are aware of security threats and the importance of shredding papers. Every business has at least one policy to keep them protected. Instead of all these policies of document destruction services, people usually forget about taking seemingly-innocent documents for shredding. Here we’ve listed five documents you should be shredding to make you avoid leaving your business open to security breaches.

  • Junk Mail: If you think like most of the people out there, then you need to change the way you think about junk mail. Junk mail seems harmless, but it can set you up to become a victim of identity theft. When we think about identity theft, we can only think of large corporations. But, most of the time, identity theft and data breach are happened to be low-tech. It would be too easy for a person to use your personal data for his/her gain.
  • Photos: Photos of your employees, customers, and suppliers may seem harmless, but only until thieves make use of these photos to make up an identity. As per your opinion, photos alone can’t be used against you or your company. But, combine this with your company’s sensitive information, and you could be in trouble within a few minutes. Shred these photos with the help of a professional document shredding service instead of tossing them into the garbage to guard your customers, employees, and suppliers against identity theft.
  • Hiring information: When candidates apply for jobs, their documents and resumes containing personal information are, sometimes, left behind. This information is way too easily available for identity thieves to take advantage. Make sure to keep these documents inside lockers and shred them all when no longer needed.
  • Shipping Labels: Your business’s address and account numbers are printed on shipping labels. Make your mailroom employees aware of the importance of removing and shredding the labels before packaging of the boxes.
  • Post-it notes: Post-it notes are easier to grab than any other type of information. What is easiest for identity thieves is to jot down information and use it for the benefit as most of the time, what is written on documents are account numbers, passwords, and other confidential information. When the notes are no longer needed, they are thrown away into the garbage. Keep your business and your reputation safe by shredding these notes.

To ensure that no important document is falling through the crack and that your shredding protocol is up to the snuff, enlisting the help of one of the best professional document shredder companies is the best way to go.

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