Shredding On Your Terms

Professional Document Destruction Service in Lake Forest, CA

There is a Reason Why We Call It “Mobile Shredding”

“It’s all about making your life easier by taking the complexity out of document destruction.”

Mobile shredding is known to be the most secure and convenient way of getting rid of private and confidential documents.

Disposing of useless paper material without undertaking the right destruction process (via general waste or recycle bins) can not only risk your business’ reputation but can also increase the risk of fines of up to $1.7 M under the privacy act.

That’s not it! Avoiding mobile shredding services not only delivers you the problems but also resists you from getting other additional benefits this way of shredding offers.

Here are the top three facts for you!

Hire mobile shredding professionals, and get the job done right in front of you!

We’ll come to you! It doesn’t matter if you are at your house or your office, we’ll surely come to you for your shredding needs. That’s our day-to-day job, so we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is to watch the whole mobile shredding process. Our fully trained, vetted, and professional staff will be responsible for transporting and stacking all the document-stuffed boxes.  

Mobile shredding – a truly flexible process.

Mobile shredding – a process that’s only one call away from you!  It’s so flexible and convenient that you can arrange visits as often or seldom as you like. Remember that the whole arrangement of shredding documents depends on your requirements.

You don’t have to arrange document transportation facility on your own. You only need to call your trusted shredding service partner.

We take our paper shredding to a whole new level with the use of our purpose-built mobile shredding truck. Imagine a mobile shredding company that can destroy more than 2000kgs of paper material within an hour. That’s way too much faster than shredding papers at home or office using a small shredder.

  • Surety and peace of mind – you know your documents are destroyed when you hire mobile shredding services.

When you drop off your documents and private information, you become 100% sure, at that point, that your documents are fully-secure and will be destroyed. After all, you must not have witnessed the process. But, when you hire a mobile shredding service, you get to see the whole process. Not a single piece of information will be left whole. It’s all destroyed in the blink of an eye.

If you are in search of a professional shredding company to make your office life easier, get in touch with Shred It For Less LakeForest now!

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